#442 Shooting At Someone For Not Doing Enough Chores Is Going To End Badly

Let's lay the scene out. A man has been recently discharged from the hospital because of a hepatitis infection (no mention of the type). His wife is tired of having to carry the whole load and wants him to help out more. He tries but is still recovering from a serious illness. His wife gets tired of his "bullshit" and throws a glass vase at him, misses, makes a mess, a BBQ gets shoved over a few times and then she runs and gets her gun.

And, by that time she was too worked up to not take a shot.
"Police spoke to Roth and she admitted that she “blew up” at her husband, and that her anger was “too far gone to resist” using the gun. She said that she “wanted him to pay.”
Court documents said that Roth “doesn’t think she did anything wrong and she was well within her rights because of how (her husband) was reacting and she was so pissed off.”
Not just within her rights, Well Within Her Rights! That's right, she felt perfectly justified in using lethal force against her recovering husband because her anger was to such a degree that it was alright. Which is, of course, to say, crazy people should NOT be allowed to possess firearms and anyone stupid enough to justify attempted murder over lack of help with chores is clearly too stupid/reactionary to own a weapon.

So, what's happened since? Starlene Roth, the angry shooter wife, has been arrested and charged with attempted second degree murder and is being held on $250,000 bail. Here's a guess that maybe she now wishes she'd been a little more forgiving to her husband as he recovered from his illness, she's got years and years to think about that one.

Rule #442 is Shooting At Someone For Not Doing Enough Chores Is Going To End Badly

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