#449 Loaded Guns are NOT Photo Props

Houston teen kills himself while taking a selfie with a gun and that should be all you really need to know. But let's break it down anyway.

1. Treating a loaded and deadly weapon like a photo prop? Check.
2. Keep finger on trigger for authentic "gangsta gangsta" photo? Check.
3. Accidentally shoot self in throat and die? Check.

There is no 4. Profit. because 19 year old Deleon Alonso Smith is dead by his own selfie snapping dumbass hand. And, unlike in Halo and Call of Duty, there is no reset button in real life.

Some takeaways:
* Treat guns like the deadly weapons they are. Even a .22 pop gun can kill, though there is no mention of the caliber of the weapon in this story.
* Exercise trigger discipline and keep your finger off of it until you are ready to fire.
* Do not ever, ever, EVER point a gun, loaded or not, at anything you don't want a hole in, that includes oneself.

The only good part of this story is that he didn't accidentally kill his little brother or sister, only himself.

Rule #449 is Loaded Guns are NOT Photo Props

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