#450 Don't Shoot at Suspected Shoplifters, Citizen, Or Wait, What? Do Shoot and Don't Get Charged? WTF?

Uhh, okay, this one is crazy. In Auburn Hills, Michigan, a woman with a concealed carry permit decided to help out Home Depot in the attempted apprehension (via shooting death, apparently) of two suspected shoplifters. And her manner of helping wasn't to run them down, oh no.

This guy's at least a "trained" peace officer...
Her style of helping was to pull her concealed carry firearm and pop off a few rounds at the fleeing suspects. No idea if she hit them or their vehicle but who cares, PEW PEW PEW, 'MURICA, FUCK YEAH!

Home Depot customer opens fire on shoplifters in Metro Detroit

The days for reasonable discussion over the totally out of control gun nuts in America are over. Its time for the adults who can look at the problem rationally to shut the NRA up and out of the talks. They represent the gun manufacturing lobby (enjoying its more record profits ever while their products are used to murder Americans at a higher rate than ever, whee, free markets at work, baby!).

Can we please stop talking about talking about gun control and actually do something? Yeah, don't look to any of the GOP clowns in the candidate race, they can't afford to upset the gun humpers. GOP Candidates' Positions On Guns Unchanged After Oregon Shooting

The fact that the woman in the shoplifting suspect shooting has not been charged is astonishing to me. At the very least she should be charged with negligent discharge of a firearm, she's not a sworn law officer, she has NO training to apprehend criminal suspects and could have very easily struck a bystander with her wild firing.

Unless this woman is charged, the precedent for vigilante gun crime justice has been set and we can expect more and more of these stories along with tragic collateral damage (like the 4 year old girl and 33 year old man killed locally last week during a gang shoot out).

Rule #450 is Don't Shoot at Suspected Shoplifters, Citizen, Or Wait, What? Do Shoot and Don't Get Charged? WTF?

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