#451 Don't Sue Your Then 8 Year Old Nephew

Suing her nephew who also lost his mom.
New York woman sues 12-year-old nephew over hug that broke her wrist for $127,000 because its made it difficult for her to hold on to her hors d'oevre plate at parties she attends.

Jennifer Connell, a human resources manager who has no experience with humans, apparently, is suing her nephew for his over-exuberant greeting at his 8th birthday. Her nephew has, by the way, in the intervening years (he's now 12) lost his mother, his aunt's sister, and the bitch aunt is suing the boy directly.

I get that her life has been negatively affected by an incident for which she feels 100% victimized. But she's suing her dead sister's young child and there's just no way to justify that.

Here's the thing about life, shit happens and that doesn't mean you get to sue everyone. It is appalling that the woman is suing her own nephew over an accident and worse that she's doing in the shadow of the death of this child's mother. Seriously, way to kick a kid when he's already so far down he may never recover. Way to fucking go, Jennifer Connell, you're a piece of shit and a terrible aunt.

Rule #451 is Don't Sue Your Then 8 Year Old Nephew

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